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Education Loan – Make Your Higher Studies Much Easy – education

It is not necessary that you are capable to afford all your education expenses because Education Loan finance for your higher study. There exist so many banks and non-bank organizations that provide funds for higher education.But before raising funds for your education there are certain things that you need to consider.
Do I really need the loan?* If your family has enough savings for your career needs, that can meet your education expenses, then you need not to borrow any money from anywhere.* If you are sufficiently capable of getting through the scholarship exams, then there is a possibility that you can meet all your education expenses easily. You need to pay very less if you are a scholar.* The government-affiliated institutions provide special deduction in fees if you belong to OBC, SC/ST and any other category.* After analyzing the total cost of your education, if the reimbursements are more then your family savings and neither you are capable to crack any scholarship test, then you can apply for a loan.Analysing the total costIt is very important to analyze all the direct and indirect expenses that are will occur on your education. The correct interpretation will help you to raise an appropriate amount of loan for your education.DIRECT COST* Direct cost is major amount of money that a student has to spend on his studies. It includes the tuition fees, other fees like maintenance charges and computer charges and the hostel expenses.INDIRECT COST* Indirect cost includes of the daily expenses that are equally important as direct expenses. The money spent on books and transportation comes under indirect cost. You can also add your cell phone bill and private tuition fees, as they are some of the essential personal expenses.EDUCATION LOAN PROCESSThere are so many education loan lenders who even provide the education loan facility online to students. Normally the loan process is very long, but if you present yourself with all the necessary and required documents, then it can help you to get the loan with smoothly. KYC is the most important document that is required in the loan process.KYCKnow your customer. The KYC is necessary for the identification of the borrower and also it gives all the financial details about the client. KYC documentation is compulsory for the verification process. So one must be careful while submitting the KYC documents.PROCESSING FEE FOR EDUCATION LOANThere are certain kinds of charges that you need to pay while applying for an education loan like* Document preparation fees* Title search fees* Cost occurred on lawyers* Cost for general validation and verification* Underwriting costsGUARANTORSThe education loan providers generally require a guarantor who can take the responsibility to repay the loan, in case the student fails to repay the whole amount of loan borrowed.

Tax Savvy Ways to Save For Your Child’s Education – education

No matter how young your child may be, now is the time to start saving for their education.  Here are a few excellent ways to start saving now.One of the best ways to save money when it is time to withdraw funds for your child’s education is with a Coverdell Education Savings Account.  You can contribute up to $2000 annually until your child reaches eighteen years of age.  The deposits are not pre-tax, but the funds are not taxable upon withdrawal as long as they are used for education.529 College Savings Plans are among the most popular educational savings programs.  There are two different types of 529 plans available.  The 529 College Savings Plan allows you different options for investing and your investment returns are not taxed as long as the money is used for education expenses.  The second 529 plan is the 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan.  It works sort of like prepaid fuel oil purchases.  You pay tuition based on the current cost and the plan allows you to hold that cost until your child begins attending college.If you invest in special Savings Bonds for Education early enough, they can prove to be a good option for saving toward your child’s education.  The program allows you to invest in bonds that can be withdrawn tax free if used for educational purposes.  You can, however, cash out the bonds in the event of some financial crisis, but you’ll have to pay the taxes on the withdrawal since you are not using the funds for education.If you have an older child and you are concerned about their college education because you have no savings in place, there are deductions, tax credits, and exemptions for which your child may qualify before and after enrollment.  For example, The American Opportunity Tax Credit has been improved and extended.  There is also the classroom expenses deduction, higher education tuition and fees deductions, as well as the lifetime learning credit.It is important, if at all possible, to get a head start on your child’s higher education costs.  Tuition and fees are reaching dramatic highs and as your children grow older, these cost promise only to rise.  One of the most important financial investments you can make as a parent is in the future education of your children.  Research and plan as far in advance as you possibly can in order to take advantage of the best programs available for your child’s education.Perhaps you should begin preparing for those education costs now, by consulting a financial planner.  A financial planner can give you top-notch recommendations on how to invest now, in order to guarantee your child’s educational future.

Continuing Education Online – education

Continuing Education Online is the process of offering continuing education via the Internet. Continuing education is similar to adult education and is supplementary to university or college education. It is achieved through non-degree credit activities such as conferences, workshops, training, seminars, short programs and various other means. Similar to the mission of regular continuing education, online continuing education programs also offer quality, innovative, lifelong learning opportunities to a diverse student population from all parts of the world. It can be utilized by those who have exceeded the age of traditional undergraduate college or university age. Today, online courses are available in almost all fields of education, thus making education more reliable and convenient.Continuing education online includes in-service training for people in various professions such as teaching and health care. Personal enrichment programs, and courses on information technology are also offered online. Thus the courses offered can be categorized broadly into two – those designed for a particular degree or certification, and those targeting a particular profession to maintain and improve the career goals.Similar to all other online programs, continuing education online programs have some prerequisites. The student is expected to possess the basic knowledge of computer and the internet. In continuing education online, you can register online for various programs that suit your needs. There is much similarity with online distance education as this also involves independent study. In short, continuing education online can be viewed as the combination of online distance education and continuing education concepts. Today, thousands of continuing education programs are available online.

Top Special Educational Advocacy Tips for Parents – education

Most parents who have a child with special needs want to home school their child. They choose to do so in order to keep their child safe from peer pressure and close to themselves, for their child’s safety. This can be a daunting process, if you choose to educate your child yourself. However, it is not insurmountable. Check out the following steps that can make the process easier:1. Know what suits your child best
You as a parent know the best for your child. If you feel that your child has a certain disability, you can help them cope with it. You understand your child best so you decide better what can help them learn. You can use different visuals, cues and other fun learning ways to educate your child.2. Use letters to communicate important matters
Communication through email or telephone doesn’t work really well. Letters help you keep track of the entire history of communication. You may need to look back at your child’s documents later in case you fall into a disagreement with the educational advocate. You may create “minutes of the meeting” and send a copy to the personnel later, in case you have a face-to-face conversation.3. Ask the educational advocate if you feel something is wrong
Your child’s advocate may suggest something that you may disagree with. You have all the right to ask for the details about the policy regarding that matter. It is important that all parents know about the policies for children with special needs. If need be, you can also ask for proof of the policy that your child’s advocate may suggest, for the benefit of your child.4. Know the special education and disability laws in your state
It is important that you know all the laws related to special education and disabilities. This is important for your child’s education and future. You can avoid going misinformed by the special education personnel. The personnel may not communicate important matters that can affect your child’s education process.5. Know the rights that your child has under special educational services
It is essential to know what sort of special care and service your child is entitled to. You can talk to your child’s advocate; do some self-research too, in order to provide the best education for your child. Educational advocacy services are of great help, as they make sure your child’s needs are fulfilled and your child receives proper education.