Education Is Compulsory For Your Child’s Life – education

Directly or indirectly, the prospect of a family or a country depends on the future of a child. So, initially it appears to be an obligation for a family and the country to provide a child, almost every chance to grow or to prosper physically as well as mentally. This is because the future of a country and a family is subjected to the present of a child. We have seen that the countries, which fall in the category of under-developed, are facing the major problem of illiteracy.Countries like Africa, South Africa, and Afghanistan etc, have not progressed yet because they have the lowest ratio of education. Whist, countries like America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc are in the race of developed countries. The major reason behind their development and progress is their standardized educational system. If we only take an example of the UK, she has the high literacy rate of 99%.The above mentioned statistics show the significance of education in the life of a country. It not just contributes to a country’s development and growth but also revolutionizes a young’s mind to civility.Undeniable strength of a foundation Not even a single thing can stand or maintain its position without the support of a solid foundation. Every young mind requires stable nourishment for its growth in the shape of education. In this process, formal education plays a fundamental part, which a child acquires from schools like primary schools, prep schools, private schools or secondary schools.School is the initial home of education, where one gets familiar with the basic principles of a right and a wrong. Country like UK has made education a compulsion for all children.We observe that in many countries acquiring education formally has not become a necessary part as it should have become up till now. Parents should admit and realize the deep-seated strength of education for his/her child because education is as important as a healthy diet for a proper physical and mental health. It is such a strength and vigour which, itself empowers the keeper.Many ancient thinkers, philosophers, and writers like Aristotle, Plato, and Einstein, etc have written books in the significance of education. Aristotle’s writing encompasses morality and aesthetics, logic and science, politics and metaphysics. This wide range of study reflects that acquiring education or knowledge is being honoured by the ancients, who have excelled almost in every field of the study.Why to choose a good educational institution for your child?The major reason why a school is regarded as a significant part of a child’s growth is that it gives high precedence to enhancing young child’s social development. This is so because social behaviourism and interaction of a human child begins in the early years.Put briefly, it is appropriate to introduce your child with the regular and formal rules or terms of living in a society in educational institutes like school.